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About Hook Line and Sinker Seafood

We weren't joking when we said, "One Bite and You're Hooked!" That's a complete understatement. One bite and you're addicted is more like it. Hook, Line & Sinker Seafood's incredible style will have coming back for more. This is definitely the spot for a great seafood experience. You won't have to travel down to the wharf to find fresh fish anymore because the freshest seafood is downtown at Hook, Line & Sinker Seafood. With a location in Oxnard CA, Hook, Line & Sinker delivers a complete package, awesome food with incredible flavor, great atmosphere, and service that far exceeds the call of duty.

If you're asking yourself right now if this place is for real, the answer's yes. We wish it were possible for you to click on "feed me" right now, but you can't. So for now, check out the rest of this site to learn more about our restaurant and fresh fish market. And please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Customer Testimonials

Clam Chowder

Before going to Hook, Line and Sinker, i didn't like clam chowder. But after eating their famous clam chowder, i love it! Also this great family restaurant serves fish like salmon cooked to a perfect crisp. If I could, i would rate it over 5 stars. It was amazing!

Lisa , Google Reviews
Hook Line and Sinker Seafood Fish Plate

Amazing food! Everything is so fresh! The salmon was great, clam chowder was awesome. This is my new favorite place.

Jon Andreessen, Google Reviews
Fish and Chips

Amazing amazing amazing!!! GREAT fresh fish market with reasonable prices. These guys really respect the fish, as Joel says "you won't find any fish abused here, like you would at the supermarket". Fresh grilled fish tacos (ask them to add the spicy orange sauce), enormous oysters on the half shell, fresh clams, lobster bisque...oh my gosh. Join me, you'll be in fish heaven! Fish and chips? Don't get me started!! :))) Best find EVER!!!

Mindy P., Yelp Reviews

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